Publicaciones científicas

Últimas investigaciones relacionados con la medicina y la salud y la influencia que sobre ellas ejercen el ejercicio, la nutrición y en general el estilo de vida.

  1. Publicaciones científicas
BACKGROUND: An increase in survival rates of childhood cancer is associated with long-term health issues in survivors. METHODS: We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis comparing health status-related endpoints in childhood cancer survivors (CCS) versus controls. RESULTS: Eighty-six studies (n = 98,480 participants, 62% CCS) were included in the review. Of these, 73 studies (n = 96,550, 63% CCS) […]
  1. Publicaciones científicas
Purpose: Physical exercise training might counteract the weakening effects of both pediatric cancer and anti-cancer treatment. We aimed to analyze the prevalence of “responders” and “non-responders” to inhospital exercise training in children with cancer and to identify the factors that could influence responsiveness, which might help personalize exercise interventions for this patient population. Methods: We performed an ancillary analysis of the randomized controlled trial “Physical activity in Pediatric Cancer” (NCT01645436), in which 49 children with solid tumors […]
  1. Publicaciones científicas
This study aimed to determine which contractile properties measured by tensiomyography (TMG) could better differentiate athletes with high- and low-power values, as well as to analyse the relationship between contractile properties and power production capacity. The contractile properties of the vastus medialis (VM), rectus femoris (RF) and vastus lateralis (VL) of an Olympic women’s Rugby […]
  1. Publicaciones científicas
PURPOSE: Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) is a recovery strategy whose use has increased in recent years owing to the benefits observed in the clinical setting in some cardiovascular diseases (ie, improvement of cardiovascular function). However, its claimed effectiveness for the enhancement of exercise recovery has not been analyzed in athletes. The aim of this study […]
  1. Publicaciones científicas
Ultra-endurance sports have gained popularity over the last years. In this case, a well-trained cyclist completed 503.5 km non-stop (33.3 km.h-1). Speed and power output were reduced during the trial, being the reduction of power attributable to changes in pedal velocity rather than pedal forces. Heart rate (HR) showed an initial cardiovascular drift and progressively decreased independently […]
  1. Publicaciones científicas
The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of an in-hospital exercise intervention during neoadjuvant chemotherapy on the inflammatory profile and immune cell subpopulation in 20 children with solid tumors (control [n = 11] and exercise group [n = 9]). Although no significant interaction (group × time) effect was found with an analysis […]
  1. Publicaciones científicas
Performing intra-session recovery is important in rock climbing due to the multiple efforts that climbers are required to make in competitions, as well as repeated climbing trials that they carry out during training sessions. Active recovery has been shown to be a better option than passive recovery. However, the type of active recovery that should […]

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